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Goodbye 2015, A Year of Lessons

So this is the part where I say how is this year over already?! Where did all the time go?

This is also the part where, like many people, I decide on things I wanna change, things I wanna do. But as always, I never stick to my resolutions. It’s just a fact of life. But that’s ok. 

Instead of writing a post about resolutions, I want to share some lessons I learned in 2015. Some funny, some painfully true…but all needed at one point or another. 

It starts!

1. If you hate your job, don’t be afraid to leave. You know when people say “everyone works a job they hate, you just do it because you have to”. Like it’s become this thing where making ends meet is more important than being happy, and being sane. No. No it’s not. I can tell you from experience, staying at that job you hate, working with a boss you hate even more is incredibly detrimental. Every facet of your life suffers. That negativity leaks into every corner of your life. It leaks into your home life, your relationships, your friendships. It changes you. All of a sudden, you’re always tired. You’re never in a good mood. I can’t tell you the 360 change I’ve made by finding a job I love. Being comfortable and happy in my workspace has made all the difference. I know this can be difficult for some, as finding a job is incredibly hard. I know because I was jobless for awhile. But trust me. Taking the extra time to make sure you are in an environment that makes you happy,changes everything. 

2. Cleaning your space and reorganizing your furniture is the ultimate way to un-fuck your mind. I can’t tell you how much better I sleep after some serious deep cleaning. Even changing the direction my bed faces has made a difference. Throwing away things I no longer need, things that remind you of a hurtful past…all those things can subconsciously take up important real estate in your mind. A functioning space, makes for a better functioning you. And yea, I’m still quite the messy person I’ve always was, but there is order now, there’s a flow. I’m 100% serious when I say that I walk into my room (even with my laundry all over the floor) and I can take a sigh of relief. Try it. 

3. Find something that relaxes you, and do it often. This one may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to unwind and relax. So when I discovered that the real reason I love to do laundry isn’t necessarily because I enjoy having a clean wardrobe, but because I completely zone out while doing it…I started using laundry day as my day to completely zen out. As odd as it seems, I do laundry and all of a sudden, my mind goes quiet…a very rare occurrence. But it just goes to show, you don’t need a lavish vacation to relax. Even the smallest, most mundane things can serve as a relaxation tool. I always look forward to my lazy laundry Sunday’s. 

4. It’s ok to be alone. In my circle, I am the serial monogamist. The girl that jumps from one LTR to the next. With no alone time in between. I’ve recently realized that I’ve always enjoyed my solitude. I’m the type of person who loves to go the movies by herself. Where some people find it odd, I love doing things by myself. So I should be able to enjoy a relationship with myself for awhile. And I have. I’m enjoying it greatly. There’s a certain sense of freedom that comes with enjoying your own company, and not constantly needing someone by your side. The same way I enjoy doing things by myself, I’m applying that to my single life. It’s no different. It’s ok. 

5. Take your dog to a groomer. Don’t do it yourself. Just ask my yorkie, who has suffered many a terrible groom job by yours truly. 

6. Put sriracha on everything. Enough said. 

7. Filling in your eyebrows is a life changing experience. All those years of never knowing what my makeup looks were missing were finally answered the day my best friend taught me how to properly fill in my eyebrows. 

8. Change your hair style, often. It’s the most liberating thing. Ever.

9. Gaining weight isn’t the most terrible thing. Sure, I could spare to shed the extra pounds in 2016…but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying my newly found curves. 

10. If something no longer feeds your soul, or no longer has a positive impact…get rid of it and don’t feel bad about it. This is true for habits, people and things. Don’t be afraid to say no to something. Don’t be afraid to get rid of toxic people and things. You can only say yes for so long before that “yes” turns into a destructive “no” you give yourself in return. 

11. Forgive. Whether you got an apology or not. Forgiveness isn’t for the other person, it’s for you. Forgive those who have wronged you, whether they ask for forgiveness or not. The peace of mind is for you, not them. There’s no sense in holding onto painful memories and grudges. Let go. Move on. You deserve it.

12. Writing soothes your soul. I’ve always kept a personal journal, since I can remember. But for some reason, I only wrote in them when I was sad (cue high school emo playlist). I’ve learned to write simply for the sake of writing. When I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m tired, all the time. My prime writing time is right before bed, with a warm cup of tea. 

That’s all for now, thanks for reading friends!

Bahamas Cruise!


I got to close out 2015 with a lovely Bahamas cruise! It was a thoughtful birthday gift from my mom…and honestly, it was very much needed! From breakfast mimosas, beach lounging and cruising in style, I am so grateful for … Continue reading

Style Crush: Shay Mitchell



No really, when I look at Shay, all I can do is sigh. How is someone so laid back, yet so put together at the same time? Is she even real? It’s magic, probably. 

I love everything about her, her hair, her brows, her makeup, her style. All of that together with the sense of ease and coolness she always seems to exude…why can’t we be friends? 

Seriously, Shay, can you text me? Let’s go have mimosas or something. Get at me girl. 

I love that she can fit into any style. Flannel and ripped shorts, then a full blown cocktail outfit…and to boot, she seems utterly comfortable in both cases. 

Again, sigh. 

Toot Your Horn

i realize I can be the type of person who goes into self destruct mode fairly quickly, sickeningly quickly. I look for and collect all of the bad things first, and sometimes I don’t even realize the good. 

Why is that?

Why are the bad things so easy to hold onto? Why do they always commit to memory first? Why are the good things, the lovely things so difficult to believe and remember? Why is it so difficult for me to toot my own horn sometimes?

What a dark way to live your life. If you read my Promise post, then you know that self care and self love has become a new project for me. A new road to travel, so to speak. It’s proven to be quite the tricky road, but it’s been worth it. 

I’ve decided that part of this will be to recognize the good aspects of my being. The great things I bring to the table. Vocalizing and believing in the things I know I am good at. Virtues I hold within myself that I admire. Reminding myself that there are still good things about me. So I’m writing them down, committing them to memory in an effort to better love myself. Because no one can ever love you the way you can love yourself. 

So here’s to self love. Here’s to committing to the good, and letting go of the bad. 

Let the tooting begin (but not like a fart):

1. I take really pretty pictures. I pour a lot of myself into my art, and I think it shows through. Photography is the one thing I have been the most loyal to, the most in love with…and I think that it really translates. (Shameless plug: f-stop and stare photography on fb!!)

2. I have great hair!!! I can do all sorts of stupid shit to it, and it’s always resilient and strong. Thanks for being a bro, hair. 

3. Mah butt. I won’t go into detail, but booty game strong 😂

4. I’m really funny. I pride myself in making people laugh. I feel the most comfortable when I know I can make the people around me smile!

5. I’m fiercely loyal. Almost to a fault. I will take a bullet for you, if you’re in my circle. I will give you a kidney, be your surrogate, show up to your house at 4am to talk shit about that one person who hurt you. 

6. I always have good ideas. I may really suck at executing them, but I have great ideas nonetheless. It’s a gift and a curse, really. 
So tell me some good things about yourself! Spread the word! Leave a comment, or tweet me @tinyxthalia I wanna hear all about the goodness ♥️ 

I know some of my posts here have taken a bit of a personal turn, but we’re all on the same journey, aren’t we? Why not share it? 

Adventures in North Carolina: Pt. 1

sometimes all you need to do is get on a plane, and get away. 

I’m currently in NC, visiting my best friend. And it’s been exactly what I needed. A change of pace, a change of scenery. 

Spending time in a beautiful place with beautiful people has made all the difference. 

I’ve been posting a lot on my photography Instagram account @fstopandstare 

Be sure to follow to keep up with my adventures. The photos I’m sharing tonight are from my phone, just quick snaps…of course I have my trusty camera, he’s never not by my side…some sometimes quick snaps to share are a must. 

Enjoy! There’s definitely more to come ♥️


The Promise I’m Making Myself

Life is a wonderful, beautiful, terrible, frightening thing. You can feel like you’re on top of the world one day, and the next? Like the gum stuck on the bottom of your shoe. But it’s all part of the ride, isn’t it? The ups and downs. The smiles and the tears. It’s all part of the long road, the long haul. 

There’s been changes in my life, yes. Some by choice, others by the hand of someone I wouldn’t have expected. Some things, I just can’t control. Sometimes you have to roll with the punches, even if you’re afraid of the fight. But all of that doesn’t mean you have to keep your bloody nose. 

So I’m making myself a promise. A promise that should have been made a very long time ago. A promise that I want to share with you, because it’s just that important. And if it means something to just one person? Well, then this post did its job. 

If saying yes means saying no to myself, get off my train…

I promise to put myself first. Because I deserve it. Gone are the days where my life revolved around another. Where plans, commitments and compromises were made to fit someone else comfortably. If saying yes means saying no to myself, get off my train. I’m no longer afraid of going hungry, because I know exactly what I bring to the table. If I need to sit on my throne on my own, no king by my side for some time, I know the wait will be worth it. I come first, for once. My comfort matters, my happiness matters, what I want and what I need, matters. I refuse to continue to bend for those who can’t bend for me. 

Never again will my self worth lay in the hands of someone else…

I promise to take care of myself. My dark and twisty bits don’t define me. My trials don’t define me. Yes, they shaped me, made me in part who I am…but they are not the core of who I am. I am more than the rain cloud that sometimes follows me. I’m more than my past, I’m more than my fears. Self care is my number 1 priority now, so that I never let myself ever feel as if I am nothing more than a checklist of things gone awry. Never again will my self worth lay in the hands of someone else. Never again will I let another’s vision of me dirty the real picture. Everyone has dark bits, and if that scares you, you aren’t the type of person I need on my life. If you define those around you by what’s wrong, I don’t need you. I ain’t got time for that. 

…I will wait…

I promise myself to wait. No one will ever again walk into my kingdom with their dirty feet. No one beneath me will ever join in my journey. I will never lower myself, ever again. I will never follow words, only action. Speaking is easy, doing is everything. I will wait. I will wait for a king worthy of the throne next to mine. Not a prince, not a knight. Not the hope of “this could get better”. I promise myself to wait for someone looking for a queen, someone who will make me #1 without the possibility of ever even having a #2. Someone who will love me like no other, love my family, love our future together. If you’re not building me up as I build you up, consider it over. Got it?

To make it official, to give myself a reminder of these things…and mostly to help keep me grounded, I bought myself a promise ring. This idea came to me in the form of a new friend, a fellow kindred spirit. 

I went to Pandora and got myself this beautiful little reminder. She sits pretty on my ring finger, so I never forget. When I feel weak, I’ll look down at my hand and know. When I feel at a loss, I’ll know. When I feel like I lost track, I’ll remember why I’m here and what I need. Because at the end of the day, if you don’t love and take care of yourself, No one else will. 

I’m not afraid of eating among the wolves, of hunting with the lions. 

I know what I’m worth. I know what I’m made of. And you should know that as well. 

As always, identify the essential, eliminate the rest. 

If you would like to get yourself your own ring, you can check mine out here: http://m.pandora.net/en-us/explore/products/browse-by/price/190882cz/by/pri/1/page/87
Slightly off topic, but this song gets me by:

So don’t try and save me

I’ll be just fine

I’m getting used to walking on a thin line

Things I Learned From Watching Pretty Little Liars

Calling this show a guilty pleasure would be an understatement, and quite frankly, an insult to all guilty pleasures. 

It’s a full on obsession, and I am not proud. 

Besides the years of being dragged along on A’s (and IMK’s) anger -and paranoia- inducing roller coaster ride…I have learned a few things. Albeit useless things. 


1. Hanna will NEVER get the expression right. My favorite so far is “the straw that broke the chameleons back”

2. If you watch this show, you’re a detective by association. And if you aren’t, you will become one after the second season. 

3. Never talk to the police.

4. Never tell Ali your secret.

5. Actually, never tell anyone anything.

6. ravenswood was apparently not a good show.

7. Apparently, high school kids look like college students. 

8. Parents are nonexistent. *oprah voice “you get a shitty parent, you get shitty parent…everyone gets a shitty parent!”

9. Peter Hastings is the Zeus of Rosewood. So many problems averted if he could just keep it in his pants. 

10. Spencer has more brothers than answers at this point. 

11. Emily has one look – fear/surprise. I’m still waiting for her “magnum” look. Which will undoubtedly save the Malaysian prime minister. 

12. Andrew is everyone’s tutor. 

13. Toby didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose him. 

14. A is more omniscient than God. 

15. If you don’t have the hots for Ezra, you’re a fucking liar and I don’t forgive you. 

16. If you argue with the fandom, you will lose. And you will pay. 

17. Everything comes back to radley. 

18. Emily should probably be pickier with who she dates. 

19. This show leads me to believe that all blondes in rosewood look alike. Somehow. 

20. The show is infinitely better if you understand all of the literary references. 

22. #spoby …#sparia …#spencer is my favorite. 

That’s all for now, lol 

I’m sure more will come to mind in due time. 

Thanks for reading! 

Out of curiosity, what are you favorite PLL moments? Comment below!

Scentbird Review!

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Hey everyone! Today, I have a very special review for you. I reached out to Scentbird, a subscription company I had just found out about. They were awesome enough to collab with me, and I can’t wait to share it … Continue reading